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Tow Truck Cost

If you ever find yourself broken down on the side of the road, calling a tow truck company can become necessary if you’ve been in an accident and need your car towed to a repair shop. How much are Boise towing rates?

Cost of Towing in Boise/Meridian

We contacted seven local Boise companies to get wrecker rates and found towing costs were between $65 and $110 for a tow. Naylor Towing charges were $82. Our example was from the intersection of Eagle Road and Ustick to Roaring Springs Water Park located on Overland Rd in Meridian, a distance of about 5.5 miles.

The most important price factor is the mileage traveled after hook up. You might find a cheap wrecker, but the cost per mile to go from Eagle to South Nampa might run you $5.00 per mile, a distance of 21 miles = $105+ $40 hook up fee.

A cheap tow truck may turn into a nightmare if you have to travel from one city to the next. Be aware of a wrecker service offering a low tow cost to get your business, only to add on an expensive per-mile charge that you’re not aware of.

Discounts: Always ask if you qualify for some type of discount for Boise tow rates. If you are a first time customer and are Active Military or Over The Age Of 60, we will gladly extend a 10% discount from Naylor Towing.

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How to save money on towing rates?

So let’s say you don’t have emergency hazard insurance or you’re not a AAA member, what do you do? Primary factors affecting tow prices are time, distance, and equipment. The more time it takes to recover your vehicle such as off-road recovery or a winch out will increase your expense.

Distance: a wrecker near you not only will be very fast, you can likely ask for a discount because they save time and expense getting to you. You may also save money by choosing a local tow company near the final destination, it’s helpful if the driver needs to return to an impound lot or address close by.

Specialized equipment necessary to recover your vehicle will affect price. Some Boise tow companies will charge more for a Wheel Lift wrecker, but we do not. These traditional wrecker trucks are needed when a front-wheel drive car cannot be shifted to neutral. Be aware if your machine cannot be placed in neutral you will need tools and or the driveshaft will be removed, increasing your Boise tow costs.

Important questions to ask about towing estimates:

  • What is pick-up or hook fee?
  • What is the cost per mile?
  • Is there a fuel sur-charge?
  • Holiday or after hours fee?
  • Where is a driver now? How far away are you?
  • Minimum charge price or hourly rate?

Boise Towing Company

We at Naylor Towing strongly promote and encourage safe driving. We also know that sometimes things go wrong and you may need roadside assistance in the future. When you need help with your vehicle while on the road, Naylor Towing offers fast & affordable towing rates.

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